Satan's Trouble With Eve

Friday, March 24, 2006

Counter-View to my Fear-Power Scale

I especially enjoy dialectic with fellow-scholars on the course material. Here is one class-fellow who emailed me his:
.... thoughts about Hobbes' representation of power and fear having an inverse
relationship. I disagree with this view and it is actually contadictory according to Hobbes' own axioms. Instead of those with power having less fear, they would and should and more fear because with power comes advantages and in turn the desires of others to have what you posess. Since everybody is seeking to fulfill their
own desires their is a natural "war" as everyone tries to get to top. Everyone is a position of power has to constantly worry about those below them that are trying to get what they have. In turn they have more to fear than the ones at the bottom, who possess nothing that anybody desires so therefore they have nothing to fear.


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