Satan's Trouble With Eve

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Course Syllabus

Course Texts and Reading Schedule:
Nb: Poets named are from the Penguin Classics edition of Metaphysical Poets unless otherwise noted.
Week One: January 9th

Leviathan - Ch.1
Eikon Basilike - Sec. 1-3
John Donne

Week Two: January 16th
Leviathan - Ch.2-16
Eikon Basilike - Sec. 4-6
Paradise Lost - Book I
Henry Vaughan - Trans. of Boethius Consolation. (Blogged.)
Week Three: January 23rd
Leviathan - Ch.17-19
Eikon Basilike - Sec. 7-9
Paradise Lost - Book II

Thomas Traherne
Week Four: January 30th
Leviathan - Ch.20-25
Eikon Basilike - Sec. 10-15
Paradise Lost - Book III
John Wilmot

Week Five: February 6th
Leviathan - Ch.26-31
Eikon Basilike - Sec. 16-17
Paradise Lost - Book IV
Robert Southwell
Week Six: February 13th
Leviathan - Ch.32-36
Eikon Basilike - Sec. 18-27
Paradise Lost - Book V
John Cleveland

Week Eight: February 27th
Leviathan - Ch.37-39
Eikon Basilike - Regal Miscellania.
Paradise Lost - Book VI-VIII
Sir John Suckling

Week Nine: March 6th
Leviathan - Ch.40-43
Eikon Basilike - Eikonoklastes.
Paradise Lost - Book IX
George Herbert

Week Ten: March 13th
Leviathan - Ch.44-47
Paradise Lost - Book X
Sir Richard Fanshawe

Thomas Carew
Week Eleven: March 20th
Paradise Lost - Book XI-XII
Andrew Marvell

Week Twelve: March 27th
Henry Vaughan

Richard Cranshaw
Sir William Davenant
Ben Jonson
Week Thirteen: April 2rd
Review & Summation.

See support material available on Library Reserve.

Assignment Deadlines.

Nb: There is a 3% per day late penalty for assignments -- documented medical or bereavement leave excepted -- and all assignments must be placed in the Instructor's mailbox outside the English Department Office.

1. Mid term paper, twenty-five hundred words: due midnight February 24th. Assignment sheet with suggested topics will be blogged on February 6th. Criteria include literary analysis, engagement with course themes and writing mechanics.
2. Group e-text project: in collaboration with the Course Instructor, create a web log dedicated to a distinct topic the works from the course reading list. Groups set & assignment sheet handed out January 30th. Seminar time will be set aside throughout the term to work with the Instructor on this project
3. Individual class presentation: schedule and assignment sheet handed out in seminar. An oral presentation of no more than ten minutes will argue polemically either for or against one side or the other in the dialectic between Hobbes and the Metaphysicals. The presentation will refer to one text from both sides of the dialectic and will also include reference to & detail about some aspect of Seventeenth Century life, thought, politics, religion, or person. Each presentation will be designed to add to the class' understanding of the course material and to lay out a hopeful research direction for your Final Paper.
4. Final Paper, thirty-five hundred words: [due at midnight April 7th.] Update: revised deadline for Final Paper: Midnight April 14th

Course Approach
It is hoped that students will engage the material critically, test the hypothesis fairly and present a detailed, reasoned and rigorously researched essay expressing their individual analysis and response to the course of study.

As the reading schedule indicates, we will be following our major texts in calm sequence with embellishment from selected poetic greats. This method is most congenial to a study and understanding of one of the supreme qualities of Seventeenth Century literature that particularly benefits twenty-first century intellectuals: the multiform potency of its applied rhetoric.

Course requirement weighting:
10% Course participation
10% Seminar presentation
20% Group e-Text project
20% Mid-term paper (approx. 2500 words)
40% Final Paper (approx. 3500 words)

Nb: “Participation requires both participation in seminar and attendance and punctuality at lecture and seminar."

Instructor Contact:
Office Hours: AQ 6094 -- Monday 11:30-13:30; Tuesday 13:30-15:00; Wednesday, 11:30–15:00; Thursday 13:30-15:00. Bring your coffee and discuss course matters freely. E-mail to will be received from campus e-mail accounts only, & will be replied to within fourty-eight hours. The URL for this course blog is
In emergencies, I can be reached on my cellular phone ay 604-250-9432.


  • at first glance there seemed to be a lot of readings for this course but seeing it all layed out it doesnt look so bade/intimidating... whatever you want to call it

    By Blogger kristal, at 11:20 PM  

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